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Why choose PROOF?

Why choose PROOF?

Find out why the best projects are choosing to
launch their token with PROOF.
Find out why the best projects are launching their token with PROOF.

Happy customers.

Happy customers.

Having a trusted partner like PROOF is critical in crypto and has been integral to our launch. They’re the experts in token launches, that stay the course & help in so many ways. 🙏

FX1 SPORTS (FX1)Token launched Apr 26, 2023
Damien DauDamien

More than just the platform, JP and the team have been our advisors. They operate with a level of integrity and generosity that is rare. Couldn't recommend them more highly. 🤝

G REVOLUTION (G)Token launched Jun 27, 2023
André EikmeierAndré

PROOF has been an integral part of our launch. They helped build a contract to our specific needs & provided business guidance along the way. Couldn’t have done it without their help! 🔥

9 LIVES (9INE)Token launched Jan 31, 2023
Damien Dau
André Eikmeier
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